Army Is The Hufflepuff Of Military

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Army Is The Hufflepuff Of Military. The army is composed of an active duty component and a reserve component that comprises the army reserve and army national guard. If you're a marine, you're built tough like a ford truck.

Hufflepuff Crest by GeijvonTaen on DeviantArt
Hufflepuff Crest by GeijvonTaen on DeviantArt from

In simple terms, the u.s. Air force, army, coast guard, marine corps,. It’s almost as if we’re reluctant to get excited about our own profession.

I Own The Original Elements & Characters.

They help round out the setting without actually impacting much on it, filling out the empty seats in the alliance hq and making things look diverse. A few minutes later and trump is calling up the army and telling them to stand down. Hufflepuffs are supposedly defined by strong loyalty, disinterest in public glory, and a hardworking spirit.

This Is Hufflepuff House, An Organizational Equivalent To The Mauve Shirt Or Redshirt Army.

Armed forces are made up of the six military branches: The commander of the indonesian national armed forces (indonesian language: You could join the army as infantry and get stuck working in an office your whole career.

Valuing Hard Work, Dedication, Patience, Loyalty, And Fair Play Rather Than A Particular Aptitude In Its Students.” “Hufflepuffs Are Known To Have A Strong Moral Code And A Sense Of Right And Wrong.” “Hufflepuffs Are Usually Accepting Of.

We meant it when we say that each military branch is unique. Make no bones about it: We just sort of sit back and mutter, “well, we built the roads you all use,” and get silently drunk in the corner.

Hufflepuff Is One Of The Four Houses Of Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry And Was Founded By Helga Hufflepuff.

They were the best until 1943, then they began to collapse while the us army and red army became more and more powerful. Sailors also have hufflepuffish tendencies, with seals being a big exception. Its founder was the medieval witch helga hufflepuff.

Once The Us Declares War On Magic, A Small Snake Slithers Through The Grass To The White House.

If they still want to go to war, lucius and bellatrix apparate into the pentagon and pretty soon we’re launching nukes at every us military facility in the world. Just as there may have been wizards in the british and french armies. You could join the air force, do a 6 month rotation to kuwait and get shot by an angry kuwaiti national.

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