High End Revolver

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High End Revolver. As i have mentioned previously, the steel they use to make these revolvers is really something special. Pre beretta import with 6 inch barrel.

Meet the P2000 The Finest HighEnd Gun Ever Made? The
Meet the P2000 The Finest HighEnd Gun Ever Made? The from nationalinterest.org

And it will do it in my hands, with regularity. Korth speedloaders are designed for the fast loading of your revolver and are available through nighthawk custom for $50. I own and shoot a newer korth (nighthawk) mongoose 4” vented rib 357/38 with an extra 9mm cylinder (still in the box).

It Didn't Cost Me An Arm And A Leg;

It has excellent performance in twilight conditions and a high. It’s accurate, solid in construction, and definitely useful in just about any application. Check out our collection of fine handguns, pistols, and revolvers.

These Revolvers Are Meant To Handle Copious Amounts Of Full Power 357 Day In And Day Out For Decades.

Who will use this most. Cost is no object, but i don't want to buy the emperor another suit of new clothes either.:biglaugh: With a maximum velocity of 260 fps, you can expect the pellets to hit your opponent if he/she is standing afar thinking that your pistol doesn’t have the range to hit them.

Korth Speedloaders Are Designed For The Fast Loading Of Your Revolver And Are Available Through Nighthawk Custom For $50.

We have some of the finest browning, colt, smith & wesson, luger, kimber, walther, and antique handguns that can be found anywhere in the world. This specifically makes no exceptions. I believe the revolver has a 2 to 40ms range, but the rs124 range isn't published.

This Revolver Might Be A Great Model For Newbie Users.

For more pragmatic shooters, they offer a great spot to mount tactical lights and lasers. Very special revolvers made in germany. A high end production gun.

As I Have Mentioned Previously, The Steel They Use To Make These Revolvers Is Really Something Special.

Distributed by nighthawk custom, they’re of the twist type and are machined aluminum. Korth’s website suggested these rails are for adding extra weight to the revolver for target shooting. The mr73 is manufactured by manurhin and is available in 2.5, 2.75, 3, 4, 4.25”, 5.25, 5.75, 6, 8, and 10 barrel lengths.

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