L86A2 Light Support Weapon

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L86A2 Light Support Weapon. In project reality, the l86a2 is the main weapon of the british marksman class, equiped with a susat scope and bipod, it. The l86a2 light support weapon will also be phased out of service by the spring of 2019, with procurement of further l129a1 7.62x51mm sharpshooter rifles to fill the gap.

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It is essentially the same gun but with a longer, heavier barrel, bipod, shorter handguard and a vertical handgrip at the rear. 3 star cadets from cheshire army cadet force getting stuck into an introductory shoot with the l86a2 light support weapon; Military small arms of the 20th.

Military Small Arms Of The 20Th.

The l86 is a british light machine gun. On the right lower handguard, the markings: It's just their l85, with a longer bar.

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Enjoying its fully automatic capab. The galil series from ics have hebrew markings to the joy of idf impression purists and the thumb fire selector switch actually works. (had forgoten to upload ages ago so have upload'd now) details.

The L86 Lsw (Light Support Weapon) Was Developed Concurrently With The L85 Iw (Individual Weapon) Of The British Army.

Manouver and fire support section finishing off the rest of the rounds from our platoon attack. The british army is now moving to rebalance its infantry weapons at the section level. Ward/mod) there have been some significant changes to the british army’s small arms load out in recent months with the announcement that the long mooted removal of the fn minimi, 60mm mortar and l86 light support weapon from service was official.

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Over the next decade the royal small arms factory at enfield developed a new rifle for the british army. L86a2 lsw (light support weapon) the bren gun of our time. The l86 utilizes some 80% commonality.

Major Anthistle Said That “The Sharpshooter Has Been Proven To Provide Effective Precision Fire Beyond The Range Of Other Platoon Weapons… Enhancing The Capability Of The.

The l86a2 lsw (light support weapon) is a longer and heavier version of the l85a2, allowing for a longer barrel and more stable platform. The original l86a1 was upgraded to the l86a2 standard. ^ cadet training, the l98a2 cadet gp rifle (5.56 mm), l86a2 light support weapon and associated equipment.

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